This blog is motivated by the belief that our commonalities as Americans far exceed our differences. If we take the time to listen to each other, we will ultimately find consensus solutions to effectively address most challenges we face.

Posts will be meant as contributions to dialogue, and will strive to be thought-provoking yet constructive.

Biases: I am a non-affiliated voter. I view both the US constitution and UN-recognized Human Rights as foundational for a just, healthy, wealthy and empathetic America. I agree with democracy being the worst form of Government except for all others (loosely citing W. Churchill, House of Commons, 11-11-1947). I think of family and community as essential (even if sometimes messy) societal building blocks. I look at local, state, federal and international governance as (imperfect, but) necessary and inter-connected. I believe that policy decisions should be responsive to societal drivers, but informed by data and science.

— Antonio Baptista

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