Open letters to Senator Flake

[Updated September 28. 2018]

Senator Jeff Flake just announced his intention to vote for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. His was a pivotal vote in the Judiciary Committee. The letters below were written before (Sep 27) and after (Sep 28) his announcement, which justifies his decision based on the principle of presumption of innocence. They are dedicated to all victims of sexual abuse.

September 28

The presumption of innocence is foundational to our justice system, and appropriately so. But with it comes the responsibility to appropriately determine guilt or innocence, to all possible extent.

In the light of Dr. Ford’s credible testimony, an FBI investigation on her accusation of Judge Kavanaugh is a very reasonable request. In fact, it is a moral imperative. It is not about red or blue, it is about right or wrong.

For her sake (if she is a victim), for his (if he is innocent), and for the sake of the very soul of this nation, please demand such an investigation as a precondition for a full Senate vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Doing otherwise would be beneath the responsibility of your office, and against basic principles of human dignity.

Respectfully, a non-affiliate voter

— Antonio Baptista

September 27

Dear Senator Flake:

If courage is not absence of fear, but rather control over fear, Dr. Ford came across in her Senate hearing as the personification of courage.

Her courage was the bright spot, in an otherwise deeply disturbing day: We witnessed governmental dysfunction. We watched intolerance, and heard of inexcusable threats to families who are innocent bystanders. We heard of alleged abuse, and we heard a vehement denial. We heard rants from people who should know better. We saw political agendas at play.

What we did not see was preparatory, objective, investigative work. What we did not witness was clarity of processes, or of outcomes. Predictably. Sadly.

As a non-affiliated American voter, I ask that you do not move Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination out of Committee without a thorough FBI investigation on Dr. Ford’s allegations.

Without such investigation, there is no way out of “she said, he said.” Judge Kavanaugh, of all people, should know this. That he has not asked for (indeed, insisted on) the investigation is surprising, disheartening, and arguably disqualifying.


— Antonio Baptista

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