What politics could be

“I couldn’t get it done.” How frustrating, and how refreshing.

A bright, well-meaning, young mayor fails to diversify the police force of his town—and that is terribly frustrating, all the more because (in this serious failure) he is the norm rather than the exception.

But that same mayor, as a presidential candidate, takes responsibility for his failure—and that is remarkably refreshing. Especially refreshing because that candidate goes on to articulate positions and views that—in depth of thinking—came across head and shoulders above those of anyone else in that stage.

Pete Buttigieg may or not win the Democratic primary. He may or not win the presidency. He may or not earn my vote in the primaries. He certainly is not perfect. But he knows it. Even admits it. And, in spite (or perhaps even more because) of that, he is truly impressive.

He approaches politics with an intelligence and candor that are fascinating. He is thoughtful where others are noisy. He is principled where others are expedient. He shows us what politics could be. He thinks outside the box.

Should he become the 46th US President, the country and the world would be immensely better for it.

— Antonio Baptista

See Disclaimer.

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