Process matters

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I appreciate the Hood River News publishing my recent letter to Congressman Walden on the impeachment process. The letter appeared as an Another Voice article, on November 13, 2019, under the headline “To Walden: Raise your voice in support of impeachment.

As common for opinion articles and letters to the Editor, nationwide, the headline is the Editor’s choice. Most often, that practice leads to compelling choices. Occasionally, though, the headlines do not reflect the intent and content of the article. That is the case here.

I did not ask Mr. Walden to support impeaching the president. Not yet, anyway. What I asked was for him to support the inquiry that will establish the facts. I left to Mr. Walden’s conscience how he votes, once evidence is fully presented.

My exact wording was: “Congressman, please raise your voice in bipartisan support of the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Use your influence to let a Constitutionally defined process take its course, unimpeded by obstruction from the president and the Republican Party. Learn what has to be learned, with an open mind. And vote on the eventual impeachment articles based on evidence, not disingenuous political posturing.”

I have grave concerns with this president, on potentially impeachable matters and beyond. But the president is entitled to process, and Americans are entitled to facts. Hence, the need and importance of the inquiry.

Process matters. House Democrats seem to grasp this fundamental concept, and have been undertaking a serious, methodical, by-the-book inquiry. House Republicans should follow their example.

— Antonio Baptista

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