There is still time, Mr. Walden

See Disclaimer.

Dear Congressman Walden:

No American should wish a US President removed from Office via impeachment. But no President is above the law, and none can be allowed to compromise our democracy and national security.

The articles of impeachment that you will vote on next week are narrowly drawn, and their factual basis is hard to contest. They deserve that you, and the entire House, vote “Yes.” And they deserve that the Senate follows with a conviction.

Alas, the likely outcome is impeachment followed by acquittal, both along partisan lines. That is unhealthy for an already divided nation. It is bad for our Democracy, and for a Congress in increasing disarray. It is deeply disrespectful of the Constitution.

There is a better option. It is not novel, easy, or probable. The path to it is narrow, and will only be open for the briefest time window. But it is principled, and might offer the best hope for a safe, re-unified nation moving forward.

The Republican leadership should offer Mr. Trump a clear choice between resigning or facing a Senate trial without partisan cover. Offered a similar choice in 1974, President Nixon resigned ahead of an impeachment vote, to our collective benefit.

In the short time between now and the House vote on impeachment, please reach across chambers, and convincingly advocate for this solution. Yours would be an endeavor of honor, integrity and patriotism.

With best regards,

— Antonio Baptista

PS: For an expanded rationale, see Open Letter to Republican Senators.

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