COVID-19: Brief thoughts

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My thoughts today are with all those infected with COVID-19—now including the US President and First Lady. To each and all of them, my wishes of a prompt recovery, with the least possible impact on them and their loved ones.

My thoughts are also with the world leaders, including the US president. My message to each of them continues to be simple: You did not create the virus, but it is your responsibility to mitigate its impacts. Take the crisis seriously, listen to science and data, communicate truthfully, and act swiftly with the interest of all people as your first and foremost consideration.

And my thoughts are also with you, my fellow Americans and global citizens. Protecting yourself and others is, in this public health crisis, essential. Masks, social distance, hand hygiene are not needless restrictions on our individual freedoms. They are just responsible behavior, as it is learning about the virus through reliable, science-based sources. On your awareness and actions depends the life and well-being of all those surrounding you. Please behave accordingly.

United, informed and pro-active, we have the power to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, and create a brighter future. Divided and oblivious, we all fall prey to a common, ruthless, invisible, threat.

— Antonio Baptista

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