Our crisis, our choice

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As the Senate trial of Mr. Trump gets under way, few expect a guilty verdict. Not because the impeachment case is weak, but because the trial is, by Constitutional construct, a political—rather than judicial—process. If partisan politics wins the day, as anticipated, Republican Senators will exonerate an arguably guilty president, and our Democracy will be poorer for it.

But the impeachment process does not begin or end with Congress. Not entirely, anyway. Voters—you and I—will be present throughout and beyond the trial. After all, members of Congress represent us, and know that they cannot get elected without us.

During the trial, please let your Senators know of your opinion. Do so constructively, reminding them that it is not just the president who is on trial: Our system of government, and Democracy itself, stand trial with him.

During and after the trial, please also extend a hand to those who do not think like you. Our country matters far more than any president. Politicians reflect our collective views, regardless of whether we individually voted for them. A healthy society would not have elected Mr. Trump, or flirt with the possibility of his re-election. A healthy society would not drive purity wedges among Democratic presidential candidates trying to unseat an unfit president, at a time of national crisis. Let’s get healthy again, first and foremost.

After the trial, and regardless of the verdict, please focus on November 2020. Pragmatically, that starts by focusing on the Democratic primaries. If thoughtful and civil, those primaries will offer a compelling alternative to our current path. The eventual Democratic nominee, if a winner in November, will play a disproportionate role in determining our future, and the future of Humanity.

I hope for a principled, pragmatic unifier, a consensus-builder who truly understands that presidents are elected to serve all Americans, not just those who share their political views. A nominee who believes that our diversity of views requires principled, even if not perfect, compromises. A nominee who is willing and able to dedicate the next four years to rebuild the fabric of our a nation, rather than trying to impose partisan policies.

In that spirit, I call on Democrats to vote strategically, not instinctively. There are a handful of candidates who are potentially powerful unifiers. Pick one, please.

I also call on Republicans, independents and small-party sympathizers, to be pragmatic. If you believe that Mr. Trump is unfit and damaging to our country, register Democrat for the primaries. Bring your voice to the discussion. Constructively. And vote for someone you believe would offer this country a strong path forward. Regardless of political labels, or pet issues.

We are in a profound existencial crisis. It is our choice whether we remain in it. Please join me in voting instead for a brighter, shared future.

— Antonio Baptista (independent voter)


  1. Thank you, Antonio!! I love to read your writings. You bring up some excellent points. This next week should be very interesting. I especially like your comment about communicating with people that I may not agree with. In my mind, I have been writing a letter to Mitch McConnell….just maybe I should send him an e-mail!
    Thanks for all your energies and the time you spend sharing your thoughts.
    Karen Gartland Murray

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