Protect separation of powers

See Disclaimer. This letter is addressed to all US Senators, regardless of party affiliation. 

Dear Senator:

I am writing because I cannot condone the weakening of the separation of powers. Three equal branches of government is a construct engrained in our Constitution—and has served us exceptionally well in maintaining an inspiring (even if imperfect) Democracy. That balance must be protected.

I thus disapprove of the President’s blatant obstruction to being investigated by Congress, and of his persistent intimidation of those who—within and beyond Congress—have the courage to make him accountable for his actions.   

More importantly, I cannot accept a submissive Senate.

The House managers have during the Senate trial made a strong case for the removal of Mr. Trump from office. No objective observer can doubt that the president has obstructed Congress, one of the two charges he is being tried on.

However, on the other charge (abuse of power), your decision could greatly benefit from the deposition of those close to the President’s thought process. Not because the charge is capricious or weak, but for clarity and fairness to all involved. And, also and especially, to protect the principle of separation of powers, for generations to come. 

You will soon face votes and decisions that matter beyond the fate of this President.

Please be true to your oaths of office and trial. Let witnesses be called. Don’t bargain on them, based on partisan interests. Let their relevance be determined by the Chief Justice, at least in first instance. Don’t cherry pick their depositions. Open you mind to the entirety of what they have to say. And then, and only then, decide on whether to find the President guilty of abuse of power.   

You owe us, the American People, to seek the truth and deliver impartial justice. Anything less is unacceptable, betrays your mandate, and will be judged harshly by the voters—and History.


— Antonio Baptista (non-affiliated voter)

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1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your letter to support democracy and the truth. The American people deserve to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth!! President Trump should be held accountable for his actions. No one is above the law!!


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